Meet Lori

Philosophy, fun facts, & current gear.

My philosophy

Who doesn’t want to revisit happy memories? So many of us are prompted through social media to glimpse our throw-back images, sparking all the feels; warm fuzzies, giggles, and yes, even tears. I want everyone to be able to revisit that frozen place in time with fondness, laughter, and wonder. My desire is to create a joyful experience for you during our session that serves to remind you why you chose to invest your life with these loved ones.  I also love the energizing benefits of a good belly laugh.  So if you’re not afraid of your sides hurting or your cheeks sore from smiling too much, we just might be a perfect fit.

Courtney & Doug

Lori was fantastic! We really enjoyed our time with her as she captured moments of us! We will cherish these images forever. I highly reccommend Lori! Not only because of her stunning imagery but because of her loyalty and dependence. She went above and beyond for us.

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few facts about me

1. Pumpkin spice is alright, but life without cinnamon is irrational.
2. I’d rather be a half hour early than 1 minute late.
3. I love to laugh and when it comes to jokes, I’m punstoppable!
4. Alice in Wonderland is my favorite, even though she’s not an official  Disney Princess.  (She should be... Who's with me on this?)
5. Dogs over cats, but just about any fur baby is getting a cuddle.

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